Glad to see you here !

English Version

Hello, It’s damaoooo, A student comes from KAUST, Now my major is CS and during my first year of Ms/Phd.

I am an otaku, and a lazy guy.

The life is like a mayfly, it disappears and the earth will turn longer, why wait for rust?

The water flows downward and the sunken everyone all have eyes, mouths and hands

Their faces are blurred and can not enter the camera

Boring struggle, no right to stay in the ark, how to leave under the flood

This is the poem I love.

And the figure at the bottom is the style I like.

It would be too easy to think that this is pain.

Chinese Version

大家好,练习时长不到一年,KAUST,菜鸡CS水硕生o(=•ェ•=)m,Ms/PhD 第一年在读。


生似蜉蝣 消失了叫地球會轉得 更久 何必等生鏽

水向下流 沉底的位位都有眼有口 有手


無聊地奮鬥 無權留在方舟 在洪流下怎出走